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A: Chrome will not let you download or run (unless you add it to the trusted sites list) this executable because it was signed by "Microsoft Corporation" and has an icon that says "install_proxy.exe". Microsoft owns Chrome (and it's technically Chrome OS). You could load it in your browser through the link that was posted in the comments by Winrar (or you could use your browser's extensions to do the same thing) There are more articles on the subject on this site, one in the chrome/chromium wiki, one on Also EDIT It appears that, at least with Windows 8, the best solution is to use Winrar to extract the file (it comes with the program), and then move the file to your desktop. Then right-click on the file, click "Properties", then click "Unblock". If you want to keep the file as it is, then right-click on the file, click "Open with...", then click "Choose another app", and click on "Edit", then click on the check box for "Enable this app for All Users" in the "Available apps" tab. Q: Update to CMFCCalendarCtrl via resource module and not using the property-grid I'm trying to create a resource module that adds to an existing instance of CMFCCalendarCtrl. I am using it for VS2010. I've created a.rc file and registered it. And I've added a sub-resource under the corresponding node in the.resx file. The desired class is CMFCCalendarCtrl. I've also added a CMyClass to the same.resx file. If I build it and then try to run the app, I get an error saying the resource manager failed to load the sub-resource. I did some searching online and found that there is a way to make the resource manager use resource queries to locate a resource. I tried the function CResourceManager::LoadResource(lpszIDResource, lpszIDResource) as I was be359ba680

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